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Aimed at operators and service providers and leaders like for.
Help with shear dispose of thinking in business.
吹kimasenn body in addition to business chased every day is about the workplace, employees and subordinates, lack of full head and heart and rest in a good wind.
It is negative because it has a solid core to Windows loop.
We will help you to improve the quality of the rest, in our main operational efficiency in shear throw away the head and the heart.

Frequently asked questions

Other than the amount stated in the price list are charged?
At the request of your work we charge you only stated in the price list.
However, guests face to face consultation where only eatery, Cafe etc, please pay your bill for food and drink.

How do I apply?
Your request to our now become accepted from the email.

Is it possible to invite a lecturer?
It is of course possible.
There is no particular virtually anywhere.

However, due to transportation costs and accommodation expenses when the speakers fee is hanging travel times to the number of participants, including prior in-depth discussions with you please.

* Waive administrative rebooking transportation expenses for visits to places from a plant can move in less than 30 minutes each way.

What is the business of throw away to get?
How is face to face, calls and video calls.
Please feel free to consult other demands have a chance.

Also if the person place meeting in a Cafe, restaurant, free space, etc..

The documents required to verify what identity?
Even general business business idea of throw away
Even with tutor request
As long as neither the first time our customers
Initial phone appointment three days prior to and at one point license or passport copy or by FAX or mail please submit any business cards double-sided copies or in kind, to the employer.

There is writing on the contract documents?
Our business thinking of throw away
Show only documents attached please implantation requires a description when you contact us your contact information and other necessary and first customer we ask for.

Requests for instructor
Contract amount and date as you need provided attached the two pieces.
For your signature and seal are required.

Fee guide

We are fully published price list.
It is also a non-opaque pricing, customers request ago budget arrangements themselves I do what I do also firmly announced only that relating to the company's financial, to comply with the rules will.
* All prices are incl.



It is a deposit of 5000 Yen to the account designated by the company.
* However, a only for an extended time if additional extension fee and

Speaker request



* The fee is