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2018June this year

Cry's powerlessness,

Hate's powerlessness.

It is just how you want to fulfill both.
Wish is not granted in one
It is from the majority in the world.

Abused, deceased
News of the 5-year-old girl.

Remember in fresh Japanese Hiragana
Words, begging forgiveness and
From changing their
The apology of the outline.

Why does.

In the cold of winter
Is served on the veranda.
Poured cold water in the bathroom.
Liable for severe frostbite.
In one room
Wake up at 4 every morning
Weight measurement and Hiragana
And the practice.
To not eat rice.
The mark was hit in the face.

Why does.

Why does.

And again and again without ever
Child abuse they die
It was the news.

To the degree
Featured media
SNS even more related posts
Citizens are outraged
Has been discussed.

Each and every time.

Like what you say

Similar content
SNS article.

Life has disappeared
Only one unique enough.
The words flow
Always like the same things.
Just is.

I wonder what why.

○ does not have legal issues?
→ If you apologize.

○ make a law
What should I do?
→ more voices to deliver on
You must.

It's running the country
I wonder who.

Members of Parliament do?

That's not it.
People are moving.

Because the hands?
Than the number of members is public
Because it is.

Find out the news of abuse
The number of people hurt and sad
The country loudly disagree
If you received.

Heart wrenching incident probability is
Measures proposed considerably reduced early
Will be worked out.

Certainly in the child welfare
They are related to
The voices are important
Than the number of workers
For parents with a child
It is much larger.

And not repeated.
Think of if.
Each and every participant to be
To the opinion of many people in the Office
And must deliver
I am strong.

To move the others
From oneself.
To move the city
From the public.
To move the County
From the residents.
To run the country
From the public.

* * On the voice to bring the
It's good what should I do?

Right to administrative personal
Views?Say complaints, etc.
Telephone and email contacts
It is.
Twitter also are offered.
Public opinion is
Come true easily.

In fact.
In another incident I to this contact
You have sent feedback.
May also be called.

Sent my mail
Or save yourself
To contact us complete
If section
In fact most certainly sent

Call for free
The call recording recorder app
When you download
Good conversation will remain.

The saddest thing.

It's in the media
News to know
Story's miserable with his heart
In a few days and becoming the buzz
Also looks like
Case continue
Is that it continues to happen.

Searching the Internet for abuse and
Article has come out so much
It is so far
Said it was just
This is the result.

Who is worse?

I hurt no one
I think not.

Reason for child welfare
Was not of the opinion
It is too bad.

I do not want.
Thinking so that
To tell the truth has been on the sidelines
The sinful is.

With the interest.
Things that think
How important?

And the poverty of the heart
Indifferent is the greatest sin
Is the word
Stickin to my mind.

The 5-year-old girl
Become a Angel
I bring you this feeling
It made me remember.

Just how much
Did the job.
Just how much
I was successful.
Just how much
That status has been established.
Just how much
I had more money.

Free for everyone
Now you can
Even the opinions
You did not.

I thought so
Now filled with tears, not stop.

I news
When you found out.

悔imashita at first.

This entry was posted
I have a place to
Many people do not know and I
In a sense that will tell
We have created.

While diet you watch at home.
While watching the news.

I thought it needed improvement.
And this is a great idea.
The thing I thought.

Our many so far
I think there were things I think.

When you feel so
The idea is to live in their own country
And a swell material.
Conscious, let your opinion.

Age both qualifications and experience
You don't need.

Cell phone or Smartphone?
If you have computer or consumer electronics
It is a thing that anyone can do.

When you have finished this post I
To send a contact to

I love that connects
So cute
Your name
Result AI-Chan.

On the sky.

Eat a hearty meal.
Playing with your friends.
In your colours
Don't forget to paint.

Everybody's warm
You sleep in your bed.

Confident and smiling.

The time Yuka-CHAN
From it all.
Just to be happy
It is.

Soon forget
In the miserable adults
Really I'm sorry.

At last......

By Mother Teresa
Word of the visit to Japan.

-This morning.
I'm in this beautiful country
I saw a lonely person.
This rich country
Saw the poverty of a big heart.

George Bernard
The words of the show.

-For we human beings
The biggest sin
Not that I hate them
It's indifferent.
It's the essence of inhumanity.

But in the long
Affect your heart.