2018December, 10 pm : Accepted

2018年12月7日 : Why hide.

2018年12月5日 : Spirit workout? Endless mountain climbing.

2018年6月8日 : Cry's powerlessness,

2018In April, 5 pm : About Internet business


10Years later.
Funny happy now are changing.

This subsequently decreases the amount of work?

The answer is NO.
Neither one also comes out new work. Proportionately, more thinking.
Continue with the head and the soul, and the body also filled with filled with years period have been head on to afford rest lost quality declined, rapidly degrades the efficiency.

We have taken care in our "ventilation".

Around with you need, use and disclose the heart and the head lock with ASDRootInternal shear throw away the head and the heartWe offer.

Origin of company name



The future of important people want to illuminate

And you couldn't do not require to others because it is not made now look back no persuasive words.

It is a one time with people I ever bent.

For example a word you often hear representatives
Speak for the child.

"To study a lot, getting bigger with hand positions. It's for you "

I never said this to cherished nieces and nephews or around children.

Because I student in studying hard, no special study in teaching and testing on the eve memories.
And above all, it is because they know that if you are out of College, no matter how excellent in learning go step society necessarily hand not to post.

And other similar things,

The world about it.
This of course.
Under the job, of course.
Bear, take for granted.

For the children, our future.
For the rookies will play in society.
Tight and felt excited looking forward to future, talk focused on the hard part is there are many events and said extremely little in daily life, SNS media, etc..